Anglo American – Lake Lindsay

We were commissioned by Bucyrus (now CAT) to build a pedal system complete with integrated mounting arms  for Lake Lindsay.  They requested it to be fitted with a Hengstler Encoder. At the time they were just using joy sticks and now enjoy dual controls. 

Eric Owen at Mt. Lindsay  Mine2
Dragline working Anglo Coal

Post Graham And Shane 01

Xstrata – Collinsville

We had just finished our 1st solid state system and were looking for a machine to trial it in.  Once again Bucyrus (CAT) was there with us as we had it fitted to one of the draglines at this site.   It never missed a beat and continues to perform many years later with no issues.

CAT USA – Reliance Project India

After many discussions back and forth between CAT and OCP, it was decided that we were to design the pedals that would be fitted onto 2 new machines they were building for this Project in India. The two draglines being built were much smaller than usual and the cabin was designed around this pedal system.  We fitted these with Turk Encoders. After the mining show in Las Vegas back in 2012 we were fortunate to be invited to visit the Caterpillar headquarters in Milwaukee, USA and meet the team behind the scenes.  

Reliance Project India

IDragline under water Ensham.

Ensham Resources

In 2008, when the Ensham mine was flooded one of their draglines was badly damaged as they were unable to get it out of the pit in time. It was totally stripped and a different brand of pedals were fitted and they continued to fault for many months. When Another dragline was needing upgrades the OCP Slimline Swing Pedal system was fitted. They have enjoyed many years of operation completely fault free. Both Bucyrus (CAT Australia) and Ensham were very pleased with the result and they have enjoyed many years of operation, fault free.

BMA – Peak Downs DRE42

Once again this was a joint effort with Bucyrus and ourselves.  The cabin for DRE 42 was being built here in Brisbane and they needed an integrated system that could be used with their  own console.  Previously we had fitted arms to Spohn and Burkart consoles or supplied the mines with a mounting frame that had three position tilt.  This was the first time that we had integrated arms and pedal to this system.  The finished product looked fantastic and worked seamlessly.

Bucyrus-Merritt console with arms attached
BMA – Peak Downs DRE42 Owen Custom Products Swing Pedle

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