solid state SWING PEDAL


WHY choose owen custom products solid state swing pedal?

  • Can be set up to emulate either a resolver or + -10V
  • The unit can also be retro fitted to either a dragline or electric face shovel by means of an adjustable mounting frame with user friendly three position tilt adjustments or a custom made arm system
  • Can also be fitted as part of a Dual Control system
  • For B.E. Pedals, The frame bolts to the floor locating it exactly where the original pedal was, giving the operator exactly the same height and position of pedal that they are used to
  • Due to the design, the pedal won’t go out of calibration. Switches are blueprinted
  • Positive return to neutral
  • Changeover time is minimal and can usually be done in a mini service
  • Has adjustable click stop tension for the neutral position
  • Unit is dustproof to disallow any contaminants. There are no external mechanical couplings exposed to abrasive dust etc.
  • All spare parts readily available should they ever be needed

Safety Benefits

  • We have been able to address the uncontrolled movement issues of the boom.
  • All cables are ducted either through the mounting frame, or the mounting arms on the console, as this eliminates the risk of tripping and damage to the integrity of the cables
  • Because of the way this pedal is designed, we have been able to address the ergonomics with reduced movement to the ankle. These pedals are so smooth, they can be easily operated with two little fingers
  • If operators feet leave the pedal for any reason, they will return to the neutral position and cut the signal to the machine


Mounting Frame
Swing Pedal Bracket
Swing Pedal Bracket

Able to be retro-fitted to an older dragline that is not using a current console. For example after a B.E. Pedal is removed, an adjustable mounting frame can be bolted to the floor using the existing mounting holes. This sets the height and position the same as the existing B.E. Pedal with the advantage of less ankle movement and three position tilt.

Mounting Arms

The arms mounted onto an operator console allow the unit to operate as an integrated package.  Cables are ducted through the rear legs of the mounting frame to ensure that the integrity of the cables are not compromised. The pedal and mounting frame, working as an integrated unit, keeps the cabin clutter free with no cables to trip over.



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